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Redefining the standards in building energy efficiency.

Considering that buildings are the largest GHG emitters in the world... It's time for a change.

Our mission is to create world-class technologies that enable building managers to connect and optimize the use of their assets.

We work in collaboration with the best in the field.

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Simon Chevalier-Fournier,

“Thanks to a project to analyze and enhance data from HVAC systems, technical teams can make decisions more quickly, anticipate failures and detect energy waste in real time!”


Jean-Francois Rousseau, Operation Director

“Not only did the Maxen team allow us to understand our energy consumption in our factory, but also to identify consumption anomalies in our offices.”


Erick Laliberté, Director of planning and monitoring

“Before embarking on a project like this, the client must necessarily have an inventory of all its equipment […]. It's like having a technician in front of the screen 24 hours a day and having a screen for each of the machines 24 hours a day."

We are having an impact on their properties.

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