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Managing Maintenance in Retirement Homes

The maintenance of mechanical equipment in retirement homes can be quite challenging for companies, especially for those who manage multiple locations. With several heads of maintenance located in each residence, it is important for managers to gain visibility on their assets in order to keep track of the health of the buildings and ensure a similar level of quality management in all residences. Here’s a list of a few challenges they are facing everyday.

Lack of experience

The maintenance manager dedicated to a single building is responsible for managing all assets, mechanical and non-mechanical equipment. With the glaring lack of resources in today's market, additional challenges are associated with the fact that many maintenance managers may not have formal training in maintenance management. As a result, they may not be aware of best practices or have the skills necessary to effectively manage equipment.

Difficult supervision of providers

Another major challenge is tracking and monitoring the work performed by maintenance providers on mechanical equipment, who are using their own tools or printed work orders. Because of the variety of providers and locations, it is a challenge in itself to know what work was done, when it was done, and if it was done correctly. This lack of transparency can lead to companies not getting full value from their maintenance contracts.

Costly repairs for lack of proper maintenance

In some cases, the lack of maintenance tracking can lead to expensive mechanical systems not being properly maintained, which can lead to costly repairs later on. Building managers should consider implementing a system that allows them to better monitor the work performed by their maintenance crew and providers to keep track of history, ensure they are getting full value from their contracts and quality maintenance.

This is where a CMMS software comes in.

Digital asset management is a process by which all assets are catalogued and stored in a central database. This allows for easy tracking and retrieval of data, as well as enhanced security. In addition, when done correctly, digital asset management can help improve communication between different departments within the organization.

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