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Getting your building certified: Maxen helps you through the steps

Still, in 2022, the reality is that one of the biggest energy consumer and greenhouse gas emitter worldwide is the building industry.

Once built, non-residential buildings, because of their energy consumption and maintenance, account for nearly a third of the CO2 emissions of this sector. It is essential to reduce their impact if we want to reach our greenhouse gas emission reduction objectives.

As presented in our sustainable development strategy, Maxen's mission and technology exist to help the industry reduce its environmental impact by minimizing its own carbon footprint and by offering a software that allows its clients to reduce the footprint of their building. In addition, Maxen wishes to guide its clients and help them go further in their sustainable initiatives.

If we want to change the industry, awareness of environmental issues through education must be put forward.

With this in mind, Maxen has put together a guide summarizing sustainable building certifications that are important to the Canadian market and how Maxen can help you achieve them. The guide also outlines the many benefits of getting your building certified.

​By publishing this ebook, we hope to encourage our stakeholders to go further in their sustainability efforts and to take a stand in the marketplace as an environmental ambassador.

For more details on the certification of your building, contact us and we will be happy to guide you!


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