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Vous possédez ou gérez une propriété. Vous avez des besoins.

Nous avons les réponses.

  • Can VISION override my existing control system?
    Absolutely not! We believe you are the experts in your building and provide you with the tools to make the best decisions about your assets.
  • Who has access to my data?
    The data is hosted and secured on our cloud platform supported in Canada by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Thus, only the client and Maxen have access to the data. You are the sole owner of your data.
  • Can VISION work in my property?
    Of course! For the management of your assets, we offer the possibility of taking care of the audit of your equipment and we are compatible with most CMMS. VISION Intelligence requires integration with your building management system (BMS). You don't have one? Let us help you find the best option!
  • And now... How do I get started?
    Let's start with a discussion! Get in touch with our team to better understand your objectives, your critical systems and your existing technologies. We will accompany you throughout your journey towards a more efficient and sustainable property!
  • How well does VISION align with my business data and processes?
    Simply! Even better than harmonizing with your data and operational processes, our technology allows you to digitize a large part of it to build a collective memory. VISION makes it possible to move towards centralized, structured and accessible operations management.
  • How much does the VISION software cost?
    Our technologies are offered in the form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), with an activation cost and a monthly payment related to the number of equipment and selected modules. The number of users is unlimited. Contact our team for an estimate!
  • How is VISION different from my BMS?
    Our technologies are greatly complementary to your existing control systems and add a layer of intelligence allowing you to better analyze your data thanks to our algorithms. You will now be able to better compare your performance indicators with your own history, similar systems and market trends.
  • Can Maxen help me obtain certifications for my building?
    Oh yes! Between the BOMA Best, LEED, Energy Star, Zero Carbon and other programs, our energy efficiency monitoring technologies allow you to acquire points and to certify your property!
  • Does the size and maturity of my building matter?
    No! Our mission is to make building connectivity accessible to as many properties as possible. We have the ability to connect to all modern control systems.

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