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Maxen table detection tools

The advent of Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly emerging in the real estate industry. The integration of AI provides many advantages in regard to building management as well as financial benefits. It also contributes to ensuring predictive maintenance of the equipment, can monitor energy distribution in real time and even adapt to its environment.

Maxen brings together a multidisciplinary team of software and building engineers, data analysts, Big Data scientists and tireless managers, all mobilized towards one goal: reducing the environmental footprint of buildings by relying on recent advances in artificial intelligence.

Maxen strongly believes that AI is here to empower workers in their daily tasks by increasing accessibility to powerful analytic and predictive tools. Nonetheless, bringing these tools to market is a hurdle, which is why Maxen takes the necessary steps to make your transition painless. Because the data journey can be daunting, Maxen prides itself in the companionship it has with its clients.

The first step in any data-oriented strategy is to structure and standardize the data. To do so, Maxen integrates existing systems while its tools ingest incoming data, thereby providing a clean, standardized, and adaptive methodology regardless of the data source. Maxen is proud to form lasting partnerships where transparency is key.


Through our AI advances in IMAGE RECOGNITION and CHARACTER RECOGNITION, Maxen has developed a tool that accelerates the assimilation of information in the Maxen environment. Maxen VISION application ingests data from multiple sources, such as the Building Management System (BAS/BMS), PDF documents, CAD drawings, and many more! The AI tool developed by our team makes it possible to automatically ingest information from mechanical plans, controls and ventilation into Maxen VISION.

Data can be quite motley, which is why this standardization process enables our clients with information persistence and reliability.

Not all assets are inventoried in the BAS/BMS. Some assets may be hidden in the depths of Single Line Diagrams (SLD) drawings, and fetching these assets proves to be a long and arduous task for an analyst.

Maxen AI processes assure a tool which speeds up the localization and assimilation of data in tables and pictograms in SLDs.


Figure 1.1 Table detection

Figure 1.2 Data extraction

Figure 1.3 The Maxen VISION platform

Advantages of our system include:

  • Speed up the assimilation of your data by up to 80%

  • Reduce the risk of human retranscription error

  • Standardize data across the board

  • Access to in-depth data analyses providing valuable insights into the state of your assets

Maxen VISION seamlessly ingests asset information and data points under the same umbrella, validating asset relationships in the process. Maxen VISION also provides a platform for the visualization of deep analyses. With Maxen VISION, your data now persists beyond the scope of your local Excel sheet -- less management means more time for meaningful work!

CONTACT US to learn more about our expertise or to see how we can help manage your existing assets in a scalable, persistent and methodical fashion.

Written and developed by Marc Demers


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