Green house Gas Emission

10 - 20%

40% of energy consumption comes from buildings, which are also the 4th largest emitters of GHG emission in the world. MAXEN helps the industry do better with next-generation AI technology solutions that revolutionize practices and modernize buildings.

Low initial investment

Optimized decommissioning

Quick results: lower the energy costs from 10% to 20

Upgrade to new environmental standards

Improve occupants’ comfort

Increase the asset value

Visualize your energy consumption

Energy is one of the most significant costs of a building. It has a direct impact on the asset value. There is currently a worldwide growth of eco-efficient buildings values and a depreciation of outdated buildings.

HVAC systems, energy consumption, users’ behaviours, inside and outside temperatures, pressure, humidity, weather, climate change; the databases available to managers include a large amount of key information with high potential for energy efficiency. The correlation of raw data is too complex to allow a quick and informed decision-making.

The MAXEN technologies make this data usable and allow a gradual transition from a reactive management to a predictive management in real time.

From process optimization to the automation of energy management







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